The Norwegian CCS Research Centre

Fast-tracking global CCS implementation

NCCS is an international research cooperation on CO2 capture, transport and storage (CCS), co-financed by the Research Council of Norway, the industry, and research partners

Our goals

Ensure that Norway remains an international leader in CCS

Support achieving CO2 storage in the North Sea

Help the Norwegian government realise full-scale CCS chains


What is CCS?

CO2 capture, transport and storage (CCS) is a series of technologies and processes for capturing waste carbon dioxide (CO2) from large industrial plants, transporting it in pipelines or ships, and storing it (for example, in an underground geological formation) so that it does not enter the atmosphere.
Ever wondered why too much CO2 in the atmosphere is a bad thing, and what CCS can do about it? Ingrid Snustad, research scientist at SINTEF Energy Research and the Norwegian CCS Research Centre (NCCS), is here to explain.
Results from a collaboration between SINTEF and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), in connection with the Norwegian CCS Research Centre (NCCS), show that CCS implementation can have a minimal cost impact for end users while avoiding a significant amount of CO2 emissions.
Over its years of development, CCS has faced questions about its technical feasibility and safety. This blog post draws on scientific research to…